Perfect Hair Day

Recently I noticed that my hair was looking less than gorgeous. A combination of over-processing, cold weather, too much salt-spray, and stress had left it lifeless, dull, and thinning. 2015 was a stressful year and I had noticed that my hair was beginning to fall out faster than before. (This also probably had something to do with the fact that I was using a 2in1 shampoo/conditioner that cost all of $4 in an attempt to save money…big mistake.) It finally got so bad that I was desperate to find a cure to all my hair woes.

Now, I always had GREAT hair. It’s fine but there’s a ton of it (I’d look hilarious with extensions) and it had always been super crazy shiny. I wanted that back.

Enter Living Proof PHD, my saving grace. Because I was going to be spending more on shampoo and conditioner I needed something that could give me perfect hair without all the products (hair masques, heat protector, texturizer, mousse, hairspray, etc.) that I normally used. When I found that Living proof had a sample sized set of three products that promised to give me the results I wanted, I decided to give it a try.

The shampoo smelled great and the conditioner was thick and creamy deliciousness. I applied the 5-in-1 Styling Treatment immediately after towel drying and was surprised at just how easy it was to comb my hair out. Normally it would take forever to detangle, but the comb moved through easily. I shower at night and let my hair air dry while I sleep, so when I woke up the morning after using PHD I was expecting to see my usual kinky mess. NOT THE CASE! I was stunned at how shiny and smooth my hair looked before I even ran a brush through it. It just got better with minimal styling (brushing and a quick run of my straightener). Best of all, even though it was incredibly smooth, my hair still had volume – and all this after only one use!

After two months of using this system I have to say that my hair is stronger and healthier that it’s ever been. I’ve also taken a break from highlights (ombre is in right?) and that along with Living Proof has managed to fix ALL of the problems I was complaining about. Talk about a life saver!

Have you ever used Living Proof products? Are there other products you’d recommend for me? Let me know in the comments!


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