Have you ever struggled with uneven makeup application? I have. Have you ever had trouble blending your concealer? I definitely have. Have you ever wished there was a way to know if your foundation brush was actually clean? I DEFINITELY have.

Well, guess what? There’s a tool out there that will solve all of these problems! Woohoo!

Now, you’ve probably heard of the BeautyBlender before – it’s been all over the internet and Sephora ads for a while now. But if you’re like me you may be confused about what exactly it is and why it’s so special. Short story – It’s a makeup sponge. But if you’re still reading this post you clearly want more details, so here you go…

What makes the BeautyBlender unique and different? Well, for one, you use it damp. Yes, the correct way to use this egg shaped sponge is to sock it under water until it puffs up (pump it in your fist if needed) and then gently wring out all the excess water. This gives you a nice, moist (ew!) sponge that won’t absorb any of your makeup (money saving anyone?!) but will allow you to get a flawlessly blended application.

What else is cool about it? Well, it’s shape lets you use it for foundation, concealer, and really any type of cream product imaginable. I’ve used it for cream eye shadows, cheek tints, and even to smudge my eyeliner. The best way to use it is to “bounce” the sponge off of your skin. This allows for a very natural, but flawless look. It also takes significantly less time than a foundation brush.

It’s also easy to clean, especially if you use their Blender Cleanser. While other soaps will work, I find that this cleanser is the quickest at removing any gunk or buildup from the sponge. If you buy the “pure” color (white, like mine) you’ll easily be able to see just how clean it gets the sponge. I’ve used the one pictured here daily for over three months now and it’s still as bright as new.

Have you used the BeautyBlender? Is there another method of makeup application that you prefer? Or do you have any tips/tricks? Let me know in the comments!


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