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DISCLAIMER, today’s post is about periods. Guys, (and gals who are uncomfortable) I’ll forgive you if you stop reading now and wait for tomorrow’s post on fragrance to go live. You have officially been warned!

Have you ever had your time of the month arrive and realize you forgot to buy supplies? I’ll admit it has happened to me more than once. While my cycle is fairly regular I still have trouble remembering to pick up a box of tampons every month. I mean, between work, family, social events, and the various organizations I belong to (not to mention all the other miscellaneous things I have to remember from day to day) it’s no wonder that certain things will be forgotten. That’s where Lola steps in to save the day.

With Lola, you never have to worry about buying a box of tampons again. Instead, they’ll deliver them directly to your home once a month. You have the option to customize the assortment of your boxes (between light, regular, and super) and to choose whether you want one or two boxes of 9 tampons. That way you always have exactly what you need without ever having to thing about it. How great is that?

Additionally the packaging is quite pretty. (Check out the gallery at the end of this post and you’ll see what I mean.) I leave mine out in plain site and never worry about what my guy friends will think when they visit – the box is that discreet. The tampons themselves are also discreetly packaged so that they’ll fit in even the smallest of clutches if you’re going out on the town. Plus, they’re made of 100% cotton so you don’t have to worry about any icky chemicals leaching into your body. The only downside is that the wrappers can be a bit loud, and at $9 a box they’re twice as expensive as most brands available in stores. However, if you have the money I’d call this a good investment for peace of mind during what is always a stressful week.

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Have you tried any feminine product delivery services? Do you have any suggestions for making Aunt Flo’s monthly visit less of a pain? Let me know in the comments.


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