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Glazed Lips

Who remembers when lip gloss was all the rage? I personally remember collecting Juicy Tubes like there was no tomorrow, and slathering my kisser with Bonne Bell and Lips Smackers glosses every day before I’d leave the house – the sparklier, the better.

Thank goodness my makeup taste has become significantly more refined since middle school. For the most part, lip gloss has left my regimen entirely. However, there are a few occasions where a subtle shine adds a desirable touch of youthful femininity to a modern woman’s ensemble. For these occasions I’ll pull out an old staple (yes, these used to sit right to my Juicy Tubes), Stila Lip Glaze.

I got my set of glazes at Urban Outfitters while I was in high school. Today I find that they’re the right balance of shine and subtle color to work with my more feminine looks. These well loved glosses are one of the only cosmetics that transitioned with me through high school, college, and into the working world. They’ve lasted that long, and still look great.

My preferred method of wearing these is over a lip stain, but I have been known to wear them alone, or even on my eyes. (They look great when blended with pencil eyeliner to form a cream shadow.) I also love the packaging and how with two clicks the exact right amount of product is dispensed and ready to be swiped across my lips. It’s also not too sticky or slippery. What more can you ask for from a gloss?

What are your favorite lip glosses? Do you still have any of these tucked away in your kit? Leave a comment and let me know!


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