So I mentioned this product in a previous post, but thought it was time for an in-depth review. I’m very good about keeping my brushes and other tools clean, but I noticed that my usual brush cleansing routine wasn’t getting all the makeup out of my BeautyBlender. I was really worried about this because I have such a problem with acne that I have to be very careful about using clean instruments to apply my makeup. (If I skip a week of brush cleaning my face turns into a disaster zone. ) Luckily, I had a VIB Rouge reward code for a free deluxe sample of the Liquid BlenderCleanser. So I added it to my shopping cart and waited for it to arrive.

When my order showed up three days later I was surprised at just how small the sample size was. I mean, it was about half the size of a sharpie cap. I really thought that it would only last for one cleaning. Boy, was I wrong. It took only a flat dime size drop to clean EVERYTHING off of my BeautyBlender – and I mean EVERYTHING. I expected my makeup to stain the sponge slightly, as it had never fully come out when I washed it before. However, this time the sponge was WHITE again after rinsing the cleanser out. I have NO idea how it worked so well, but I’m glad it did. Obviously, I ordered the full size right away.

What do you use to clean your BeautyBlender? Have you found something better? Let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “BlenderCleanser

  1. I’m using Beauty Blender solid soap to clean my BB or other brushes. I don’t know if I risk to use any other methods because I love Beauty Blender. Few days back I wrote a little review about it while also comparing BB with Real Techniques sponge. You might want to check that out 😉 Also it would be great if you followed me back so we could support each other on this road of blogging 😊👌


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