I’ve always been a fan of eyeliner. From cat eyes to smokey eyes to the blackest black rims I thought were sexy in high school- eyeliner is an essential part of my routine. I feel naked without it.

I’ve been known to dish out wads of cash for the right formulation so it was a great surprise when I discovered my now favorite liner in the drug store aisles.

With more colors than you can ever possibly use, Rimmel Scandaleyes takes the cake when it comes to being the best eyeliner ever. The formula is creamy, which makes it incredibly easy to apply and blend. It goes on smoothly so you’ll always have an even application- no bumps to be seen. The best part is that the liner becomes waterproof as it dries.

Trust me when I say that this lasts regardless of tears, rain, swims, or dips in the ocean. But don’t worry about removing it. It washes off wish my usual cleanser, no special remover necessary.


2 thoughts on “Scandaleyes 

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