We all know that French women have a certain je ne sais quoi. When it comes to beauty they’re effortless. The always seem to be just blessed with natural radiance – I swear that they invented the “no makeup look.” That effortlessness is difficult for most women to achieve, which is why Onomie is one of the most intriguing new brands on the market. The brand effortlessly combines cosmetics and skincare, and emulates French effortlessness in the fact that they only have two products – a highlighter, and a concealer. Now believe me, I was skeptical when I heard that these two products (plus mascara) were all I needed to look fresh-faced and beautiful. But after trying Onomie, I am converted!

2016-01-23 10.31.01


Their Bright Concealing Elixir was lightweight and full coverage. Just a drop covered all my blemishes, under eye circles, and redness. The finish was also the best I’ve ever seen in a concealer. The unfortunate thing was that even their lightest shade was WAY too dark for me. It turned oompa loompa orange on my skin 😦 but I am sure that darker skinned ladies will fall in love with this product so don’t let my pallor dissuade you from giving it a try. Thankfully, they have a $4 sample kit that lets you try three shades of the concealer and the highlighter before you buy a full size tube. That way I was able to find out quickly that their concealer just wasn’t for me.

It was a completely different story with their A.C.E. Illuminating Eye Treatment. The line-correcting highlighter was part eye cream and part luminizer. The shade I got, Lovelace, was a baby pink shimmering mousse that reminded me of Orgins’ GinZing Eye Cream, but had an even more pronounced effect. Simply by dabbing this treatment lightly under my eyes, I was able to see an immediate glow. I looked revitalized and refreshed and ready to face the day. In order to see just how pronounced the difference was I swiped on mascara and left my apartment to do some shopping wearing no other makeup. Not only did I have the confidence to do this, but the girl in the checkout line at the grocery said that I had the best looking skin she’d ever seen. There’s no better recommendation I can give. I immediately returned home and ordered the full-sized bottle. I have a feeling that this will earn a permanent spot on my dressing table.

2016-01-23 10.27.25

So, are you ready to give Onomie a try? Use this link to order your $4 sample set today. If you decide you like it enough to purchase a full-sized product they’ll credit the $4 towards your purchase if made within 14 days of receiving your samples. Now that’s a deal!


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