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Pink Clay

I know you’ve all been waiting for my final Herbivore Botanicals’ cleansing bar review, and here it is. Their Pink Clay Cleansing Bar Soap was by far my favorite of the trio. Designed for sensitive skin, it soothed my rosacea, calmed the peeling due to Charleston’s recent cold snap, and managed to reduce my breakouts. After using it my skin felt clean, but not stripped.

It’s natural ingredients were surprisingly effective. The french pink clay helps regenerate skin tissue, while geranium essential oils act as an anti-inflammatory, and blood orange essential oils detoxify and smooth. Overall this is a great cleanser for anyone with sensitive or dry skin, and even my oily skin seemed to love the attention. I felt that it actually reduced my oil production while keeping my skin smooth, soft, and deeply moisturized. Plus, its floral and citrus scent made me feel like I was running through the lavender fields of Provence. Who wouldn’t want to take a mini vacation every time they washed their face?


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