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Lily Lolo

Most days I use a liquid foundation, but on weekends I like having a mineral option. I feel like mineral powders let my skin breathe more than liquid or synthetic powder formulas. Most weekends I try to have one day “off” where the only makeup I wear is mascara and lip balm, but there are occasions when going bare just won’t work. That’s where mineral foundation steps in.

I’ve used many different brands of mineral makeup over the years, but it was only recently that I discovered Lily Lolo. Based in London, they’re the producers of a majorly loved cult foundation.

I wasn’t happy with my drugstore brand mineral foundation, but didn’t want to shell out a ton of cash on a designer brand. I decided to give Lily Lolo a try mainly because they let me order sample sizes. For just $6 I was able to choose up to three different foundation shades (I only chose two, knowing I’d be one of the two lightest) in small sizes.

When the package arrived I was surprised by just how small the jars were. Thankfully, a little goes a long way. I was able to get a full week of wear out of one sample. I credit this mainly to the fact that Lily Lolo’s formula is highly pigmented. With one light coat all of my skin was even and blemishes were covered – no need for concealer!

It’s also very buildable. If I’m going out at night and want something with a bit more “show” I’ll add a second layer. The best part is that even with two layers it never got cakey and always looked natural. I truly believe that makeup is meant to enhance, not cover. Given that, it was nice that this foundation matched the texture of my skin- it looked like I just had perfect skin. That’s the goal of foundation isn’t it?

So, if you’re in the market for a new mineral powder, give Lily Lolo a try. You’ll be able to find your shade and test your skin for reactions before you invest a ton of money. If only every cosmetic company worked that way!


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