The Cool Fix

Need a cure for razor burn? I have one. It soothes any issue caused by razors, and works especially well around the bikini line. The Cool Fix by Shaveworks is one of my go to products in the summer. And even though it stings slightly on application, it works wonders on keeping things smooth and irritation free. Oh, and did I mention that it also kills bacterial. It really is the fix for all your shaving and waxing woes.


Coastal Scents

At the start of this month I was in the market for a new set of makeup brushes. My EcoTools set has served me well, but it was time for an upgrade. I did my research and finally settled on this 22 piece set from Coastal Scents. It had every brush I needed, and came in the solid black color I wanted for my dressing table. Here’s the rundown of what’s included:

  • Large Fan (Synthetic),
  • Powder Buffer (Synthetic)
  • Round Powder (Synthetic)
  • Flat Buffer (Synthetic)
  • Angle Blush (Natural Hair)
  • Foundation (Natural Hair)
  • Concealer (Synthetic)
  • Large Shadow (Natural Hair)
  • Blender (Natural Hair)
  • Doe Foot Blender (Natural Hair)
  • Dome Shadow (Natural Hair)
  • Dome Blender(Natural Hair)
  • Medium Shadow (Natural Hair)
  • Detail Shadow (Natural Hair)
  • Lip (Natural Hair)
  • Detail Concealer (Synthetic)
  • Pointed Blender (Natural Hair)
  • Brow (Natural Hair)
  • Smudger Sponge (Rubber)
  • Large Liner / Brow (Synthetic)
  • Medium Liner / Brow (Synthetic)
  • Small Liner / Brow (Synthetic)

All of the brushes are super soft and lay down makeup smoothly and evenly. I think they may even be the best brushes I’ve ever known, and for the price the quality can’t be beat. Plus, they come in a wonderfully convenient roll up pouch, making them perfect for travel.

In the Nude

A good manicure can take your look from frumpy to polished. A good nude manicure can make all the difference between trying too hard and effortless elegance. That’s why today I’m sharing my three favorite nude nail polishes.

Up first is O.P.I.’s Isn’t It Romantic? (Pictured on the right.) It’s a pink-y nude with a slight shimmer that will take your basic nude manicure to “princess polished” perfect.

My other O.P.I. favorite is Pink-ing of You. (Center.) It’s a sheer matte nude that looks good alone, or as a base of a French manicure. It’s versatile and classic. In my opinion, it’s a must for every poised woman’s medicine cabinet.

And finally, no post on nude polish would be complete without the cult classic, Essie Ballet Slippers. (Left.) It’s a true nude, meaning a purplish tone on white. When I first tried it I wasn’t so keen on the shade, but after trying it out a few times it really grew on me. Now it’s my go to for job interviews, dinner parties, and family gatherings.

If all else fails, just swipe on a clear top coat. It will look polished, effortless, and much more low-maintenance than constantly having painted nails.

Crystal Shine

I never in my life thought I would spend $90 on shampoo and conditioner. But ladies and gentlemen, the day has come. Let me tell you straight up, IT WAS WORTH IT. The particular products I’m talking about are Kerastase’s Cristalliste line, including Bain Critsal Fine and Lait Cristal. Not only is this the brand used by hair goddess and real life princess, Kate Middleton, but they have multiple product lines for different hair types. This one is formulated specifically for long, fine hair and designed to create both shine and movement. The shampoo is silicone free, and helped take some of the weight out of my crazy heavy hair. Lait Cristal is a milky conditioner, that detangles hair while also smoothing and preventing split ends. They did cost an arm and a leg, but my hair was stronger, smoother, and shinier than ever before. I’m talking major shine, which came with a side of major confidence. Plus, they both smelled amazing. Until I hear of something better and less expensive, I’ll be putting up the cash for Cristalliste. Maybe I’ll even purchase some of the other products in the line.


Shy Beam

Spring is all about looking fresh faced, bright, and bushy tailed. That’s why having a good highlighter is especially important this time of year. I personally like something matte and pale pink for spring, which is why Benefit’s Dandelion Shy Beam Matte Highlighter is my new favorite product. It’s a pale pink liquid highlighter that you can brush onto the top of your cheekbones for a soft angelic glow. Since it’s matte you’ll never look overdone. This product is for day-time use, not for a night out at the club. Perfect for contouring, Shy Beam can be used over or under foundation and even alone. If I’m just running to the store I’ll put this and mascara on and call it a day. It’s that effective, and that fabulous.

Precious Pucker

Spring has sprung! It’s officially time to update your makeup for the new season. For me, that means new lipstick colors. I’m talking bright and happy pinks here. Specifically, my favorite spring pink – Trish McEvoy’s Lip Color in Precious Pink. Not only is the color on point, but this lipstick also plumps, stays in place all day long, and moisturizes like nobody’s business. There’s a pleasant tingling sensation when you put it on and it feels fabulous all day long. So, if you’re looking for a new lipstick, this one is definitely a winner.

What are your favorite spring makeup updates? Let me know in the comments 🙂

A Dramatic Arch

Has an add ever convinced you to purchase a beauty product? Because it recently did for me. This commercial for Maybelline’s BrowDrama Pomade Crayon got stuck in my head. Somehow I was intrigued enough to head to my local Ulta and pick one up. The texture was similar to a gel eyeliner, it sculpted and stayed in place all day. The blonde shade was perfect for me. It’s just a shade darker than my natural hair color and looked completely natural on. Plus it brought out my inner Cara Delevingne, which in my opinion makes it all the more awesome.