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Scent Sample

I personally have a TON of perfume vials. They seem to come in every single Sephora order I place, and I’ve been known to occasionally pick them up from the perfume counters when I’m shopping. That’s all well and fine, but what do you do with them? There’s absolutely no point in letting them sit around getting old, turning sour, and collecting dust. No! There are plenty of ways they can be put to use.

The first and most obvious reason you’d want a perfume sample vial is to try out a new scent. Most vials have enough in them for two or three days of wear. That makes them perfect for weekend travel. I’ll throw one in my cosmetics bag or airplane baggie when I’m going away for the weekend or on a quick business trip. Voila! Perfume on the go. Bust aside from this obvious use, what else can these little vials do? Especially if you’re not particularly fond of the scent.

Now, if it’s a scent you absolutely hate or that gives you a headache throw it out. But for the ones that smell good but just aren’t something you’d like to wear there are a few options.

  1. Use in the bath.
    Every weekend I try to take a bath. It’s relaxing and really helps me unwind, especially if I’ve had a long week at work. Simply pour in a vial of perfume and suddenly you have a luxurious scented soak, plus it leaves you smelling delicious when you get out.
  2. Perfume your drawers.
    I’m sure we all have remember Grandma’s poofs of potpourri that she’d keep tucked away in her drawers. This is a similar idea, but smells way younger. Simply pour out a perfume vial over a cotton ball and place this in the drawer. Ideally you’d put it in some sort of dish first so that the liquid doesn’t touch your clothes, or you can wait until the cotton dries to place it in the drawer – it will still work. If you have samples with a little spritz top you can spray one of your mismatched socks (we all have them) and use that instead of your cotton ball. Refresh the perfume whenever you notice that it’s worn off.
  3. Perfume your house.
    It’s amazing how easily sent diffuses. By simply pouring a vial into a small dish you can give your room a nice fragrance. This is especially nice to do in bathrooms.
  4. Cover unsightly smells.
    If you’re worried about using the bathroom at a friend’s house, in public, or at work simply pull out one of the spritz vials and spray a few times. This will totally disguise any unseemly odors and leave the bathroom smelling even better than it was, now that’s one way to create an air of mystery 😉
  5. Wear it.
    I personally like to choose one day a week where I’ll wear one of the scent samples I have. That way I can experience different fragrances and learn which scents interact best with my skin.

Finally, it’s no use having all these sneaky cool ways to use your perfume samples if they’re scattered around your house. It works best to store them all in one place. I personally like to use old Altoid’s containers, they’re the right size and can be easily stacked if you manage to amass quite the collection.

What do you do with your perfume samples? Have any ideas you’d like to share? Leave a comment!


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