So Fresh

I own every single color made in one particular brand of lipsticks. I wear these colors every day, and to every occasion. They’re my go-to, and they have never failed me. Not only are the colors flattering and stylish, but I haven’t had a single day of chapped lips since I first started wearing them 8 (yes EIGHT) years ago. I’m talking about Fresh’s Sugar Tinted Lip Treatments.

Not only do these have a balm like texture that makes your lips feel so so good! But they can be built up to work as anything from a balm to a full on lipstick. They come in every color imaginable and a wide variety of finishes. Here’s a peak at all the different colors. I bought them all, but you can choose the ones you like most. (They also have sets available around the holidays so you can stock up while saving money!) Yes, the price tag made my jaw drop at first. But it’s totally worth the sacrifice.


Here are their nude shades. Honey is a warm tan that matches most lip colors, while Nude is a lighter version that’s a bit more dramatic. The only unfortunate thing about the packaging (which is awesome! The lid screws on so it won’t pop open in your purse!) is that it can get scratched up pretty easily as you can see here with Nude which is less than a year old, while Honey I’ve had for 3 years now (it’s my second tube).


Coral is their only orange toned shade at the moment, although I would be expecting them to come out with a Peach tone pretty soon! This is one of their more pigmented shades and is a true coral. I absolutely love it in summer because it’s more unique but just as bright as red.


Speaking of red, the line has 3 different reds to choose from. Cherry is your traditional fire-engine highly pigmented red. Passion is a more translucent deep red, perfect for sexy looks. While Ruby is a pink-red that is office and beach appropriate. I personally like Cherry in the summer, Passion in autumn and winter, and Ruby in spring.


On the other end of the color scale are the purples. Plum is the darkest, but also most balm/stain like and wonderful in winter. Berry is brighter and more opaque, perfect for the berry lips that have been so popular recently. Fig is my personal favorite because it has a touch of sparkle that makes wearing a bold purple lip office appropriate – I know that sounds like it makes no sense, but trust me, the sparkle actually tones down the purple hue. I’ve been wearing Fig constantly for the past 3 months.


And what lipstick line would be complete without pinks? Rosé is a sheer, bright candy pink that reminds me of watermelon jolly ranchers – it can be toned way down to where it’s almost a gloss or built up to a truly sunny pink. Petal is a nude-pink that would work well for those who’s skin tones look a bit off in nude lipsticks. Tulip is your traditional hot pink – awesome in summer, this color really pops.

So go ahead and pink your poison. You can’t go wrong with Fresh Sugar. What’s your favorite? Leave me a comment to let me know!


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