Park Ave.

When it comes to lux hair care R+Co definitely hits the mark. Not only is their packaging entertaining, beautiful, and rich, but their products are the top of the line. One of my personal favorites is their Park Ave Blow Out Balm. When applied before blowdrying it provides a great body and sleek finish, plus it protects from heat damage. In short, it does what’s promised.

I’ll let you in on a little secret though, I’m a bit of a rebel and I’ll use this on my hair even when I’m not blowdrying it. I find that if I work a bit of it through my hair after showering and comb it out before sleeping on it I’ll wake up with the BEST bedhead ever. It’s perfectly crumpled, but not at all frizzy or greasy.

So, if you’re wanting to reach perfectly plush heights or are going for a more down to earth look, this is the product for you! I love some versatility in my products, don’t you?


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