St. Patrick’s Poudré

So, you’re probably here because of all the Instagram/Twitter posts building up to today’s big reveal. If not, you should follow me! Here’s everything you need to know:

We’re now almost 3 whole months into this blog and it’s time I take things public. So I’ll be regularly pinning, tweeting, and am now on Bloglovin’ so if you’d like to show your support for Authentic Stereotypes, follow me on one of these outlets, or through WordPress. I really appreciate it! Now on to the actual post…


Happy Paddy’s Day y’all! In celebration of one of the most fun days of the year – we’re talking pots of gold, rainbows, leprechauns, and Guinness. What could be better?

…anyways, I’ll quit the rant about how I love all things Irish and take the time to tell you about what green I’ll be wearing today. I’m specifically referring to a certain something that showed up on my front porch a few weeks ago. Yes, it’s time for the big reveal!


So, what’s in the beautiful Chanel box? It’s a little green bottle of fabulousness. I’m talking about their No. 19 Poudré eau de parfum.


It’s green and powdery, with notes of Iris and Vetiver, perfect for springtime. I love how fresh it smells without being overly feminine or floral. It’s also powdery and being made exclusively for Coco Chanel herself it has that signature Chanel flair that’s unmatched. If you’re looking for a Chanel bottle to adorn your bureau but don’t want something as common as No. 5 or as overpowering as Coco Mademoiselle, then No. 19 Poudré is something you should definitely try.


Now, go out and enjoy some Bulmers!


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