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Brush it Off

Dry brushing is the newest “thing.” Normally I try to avoid beauty fads, I’m more into investing in timeless, classic, and proven beauty products. But when I heard that dry brushing could solve all my problems from bacne to KP I decided that I couldn’t lose much by trying it out. So I ran out to Target and spent the $6 required to but The Bathery’s Bath Brush. Now, it wasn’t life-changing, but it definitely had its benefits. I noticed a definite improvement in my skin and actually enjoyed incorporating the process into my day.

So, how exactly does one dry brush? Here’s the rundown:

  • Stand in the tub/shower. You want to be able to catch all the dead skin you brush off…gross I know.
  • Lightly brush in long strokes, and always brush towards your heart.
  • Start at your feet and work upwards until you get to your chest. Then start from the neck and brush down. Don’t forget your back!
  • Do this morning and night.

You’ll notice that it wakes you up in the mornings, and you sleep better at night. Plus any discoloration and bumpiness/blemishes significantly improve. So go ahead and try it out, what do you have to lose?


One thought on “Brush it Off

  1. I recently started dry brushing and I haven’t noticed a huge difference (my skin isn’t really in bad shape to begin with). Although, I tend to get KP on my thighs and it’s helped a little. Summer is usually when I tend to get acne on my back, so I’ll put that to the test in a few months.


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