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Crystal Shine

I never in my life thought I would spend $90 on shampoo and conditioner. But ladies and gentlemen, the day has come. Let me tell you straight up, IT WAS WORTH IT. The particular products I’m talking about are Kerastase’s Cristalliste line, including Bain Critsal Fine and Lait Cristal. Not only is this the brand used by hair goddess and real life princess, Kate Middleton, but they have multiple product lines for different hair types. This one is formulated specifically for long, fine hair and designed to create both shine and movement. The shampoo is silicone free, and helped take some of the weight out of my crazy heavy hair. Lait Cristal is a milky conditioner, that detangles hair while also smoothing and preventing split ends. They did cost an arm and a leg, but my hair was stronger, smoother, and shinier than ever before. I’m talking major shine, which came with a side of major confidence. Plus, they both smelled amazing. Until I hear of something better and less expensive, I’ll be putting up the cash for Cristalliste. Maybe I’ll even purchase some of the other products in the line.



4 thoughts on “Crystal Shine

  1. They seem really really expensive for a product that’ll be finished in two months. On the other hand 45 bucks for great hair a month seems ok. *life dilemmas*


    1. Hey Naya! I went through the same thought process. Ultimately I’ve kept this around for big events. I’ll use it for the few days preceding, but will switch to a less expensive shampoo/conditioner for everyday. I’m still on a quest to find the perfect dupe! When I succeed I promise there’ll be a post on it 🙂


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