In the Nude

A good manicure can take your look from frumpy to polished. A good nude manicure can make all the difference between trying too hard and effortless elegance. That’s why today I’m sharing my three favorite nude nail polishes.

Up first is O.P.I.’s Isn’t It Romantic? (Pictured on the right.) It’s a pink-y nude with a slight shimmer that will take your basic nude manicure to “princess polished” perfect.

My other O.P.I. favorite is Pink-ing of You. (Center.) It’s a sheer matte nude that looks good alone, or as a base of a French manicure. It’s versatile and classic. In my opinion, it’s a must for every poised woman’s medicine cabinet.

And finally, no post on nude polish would be complete without the cult classic, Essie Ballet Slippers. (Left.) It’s a true nude, meaning a purplish tone on white. When I first tried it I wasn’t so keen on the shade, but after trying it out a few times it really grew on me. Now it’s my go to for job interviews, dinner parties, and family gatherings.

If all else fails, just swipe on a clear top coat. It will look polished, effortless, and much more low-maintenance than constantly having painted nails.


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