Hot Commodity

I’m a sucker for packaging. It gets me every time. If something looks beautiful, I really don’t care how well it works (at least in the moment)…I’ll be picking it up. I’d lusted after Commodity’s niche fragrances for months before I finally bit the bullet and ordered two of their travel sized perfumes. At the time there wasn’t a Sephora in Charleston, and I didn’t want to purchase a full-sized fragrance without knowing it was one I loved. That’s how I ended up with these beautiful tubes of Commodity’s Black Collection fragrances in Book and Gin.

These little tubes are beautifully designed, and look wonderfully sleek and modern sitting on top of my dresser, among my other perfumes. The matte black label with it’s masculine serif typeface made the designer in me smile with joy!

The brand itself is all about personalization. Each scent is designed to be worn either alone, or layered upon each other for a truly custom fragrance. There are two collections – black and white. Black is a collection of intense, moody, and multifaceted scents. White consists of lighter, easy, and casual perfumes that are simple and elegant. Given that I like deeper scents, I opted for two of the black label.

Gin is a 1920’s party straight out of The Great Gatsby. This swingin’ scent is a musky mix of Leatherwood, Eucalyptus, and Sandalwood. It’s far too heavy for daytime, and should be applied sparingly. It’s definitely a masculine scent, and smells like a night listening to jazz at a cigar bar at first but softens to a woodsy delight. Every time I wear it I feel like I’m exploring the woods of a fantasy adventure novel. If you want to feel like the heroine, and not the damsel in distress, Gin is the one for you.

Book smells like the pages of a Hemingway novel. It’s my favorite of the bunch. Massively crispy, this scent is a true delight. With notes of cucumber, lavender, eucalyptus, and my ever favorite sandalwood. It smells like tea sandwiches and early mornings writing at a wooden desk from your cabin in the mountains. It’s perfect for early spring, as the season transitions from winter. So spritz yourself, and step into an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel – or write one!


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