Nude Skin

Concealer is a product that often has less than stellar connotations. We use it to literally conceal, or cover up areas of our face. These areas can be anything that makes us feel less than perfect, and even can have truly detrimental effects on our self-confidence. That’s why the best concealers manage to cover without looking like they’re concealing anything at all. Be it redness, dark circles, blemishes, or other imperfections, the ideal concealer is anything but visible.

Life is full of imperfections, and most of them should be embraced. Your imperfections are part of what makes you unique, and they should be celebrated. I’m a total advocate for going concealer-free for everyday. So what if I have a bit of a breakout coming up or am a bit red around my cheeks? That doesn’t make me any less beautiful.

However, I also know that there are occasions that call for concealer in order to keep us feeling as confident in our outer beauty as we are in our inner beauty. Yes, what’s inside is more important, but looking good on the outside can give us an added boost on those days when we just aren’t feeling 100%. That’s why I fully advocate using concealer on the days that you may not have had a good night’s sleep, may be broken out due to your cycle, have a bit of redness from that cold going around your office, or just don’t feel like you’re projecting your best self to the world.

Now, when I say that I’m a concealer advocate I am talking about a very specific concealer. That is, the right concealer for you. There are a number of things to keep in mind when making your selection. Personally, I believe that concealer should be hydrating and creamy – not cake-y and so opaque that you can’t see your skin through it at all. That’s why I opt for liquid formulas, primarily from squeezable tubes. The second thing you should consider is the shade of your concealer. You want something that is truly invisible on. My test for this is to always ask the question, would I wear this alone? If the answer is no, move along. When it comes to concealer, don’t settle for anything less than invisible.

Alright, now I’ll stop harping on and get to today’s product review. It’s my personal go to for concealer in spring and winter when my skin is a bit on the pale and dry side of things. It’s Diorskin Nude Concealer in 001 Ivory. Using mineral pigments and a natural floral water, Dior has managed to create a product that give mask-like coverage while maintaining a natural-yet-radiant finish. I dab it on with my fingertips and blend until it disappears, leaving nothing but perfect nude skin.


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