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Contour with Curie

If there’s one thing I love, it’s niche brands. There’s something truly authentic about brands that focus on doing one thing extremely well. That’s why I keep coming back to Onomie for all my complexion needs. The brand makes a point to combine makeup and skincare. They offer a healthy skin subscription service and donate a portion of their annual profits to help educate women living in  low-income countries. Onomie is truly a brand that does more.

Now, in my previous post you learned all about my love for Onomie’s highlighter in Lovelace. Today’s post is about that same highlighter in its darker shade, Curie. Now, Curie was intended for deeper skin tones, but I find that it is a multifaceted product that can be used in more than one way. For those of us who fall on the pale side of the skin spectrum, Curie makes an excellent bronzer. It’s golden toned and glides on smoothly. I like to smooth this bronze beauty  underneath my cheekbones. My personal preference is to apply with my fingertips and blend it out with a beautyblender. It can seem a bit dark at first, but if you apply it before foundation it ends up giving you a beautiful tan glow that certainly makes your cheekbones pop.

Want to try before you buy? Use the code FRIENDTRY when you order your Try At Home Kit to get the entire kit for free. Absolutely free. Now go place your order and enjoy 🙂


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