L’Occitane En Provence

There is so much you can tell about a woman by her hands. You can tell if she’s stressed or relaxed or bored, if she grew up in ballet classes, or if she spends her free time writing in notebooks. Your hands tell the story of your life. Mine certainly do a lot of talking. There’s the scar on the top of my right hand from where I burned it on a iron getting ready for formal night on my first cruise. There’s the slightly crushed nail and bump on my middle finger from late nights journaling. There is even the fact that I hold my hands a certain way from years of ballet, and that I take the time to do my nails every week. All of these details tell a story about who I am.

There are a few things that your hands shouldn’t say. They shouldn’t disclose your age. They shouldn’t let people know that you spent your day slaving over laundry and dishes when you want to appear like you move through life effortlessly. They should explain only what you want them to show to the world. That’s why it’s so important to know exactly how to care for your hands.

The number one suggestion I can give about caring for your hands is to purchase and use a good hand cream. You should use it every time water or wind comes into contact with y our bare skin. My personal suggestion is L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Hand Cream. It comes in a variety of sizes and scents and gives you silky smooth hands. I like to keep one in my bedroom, one in the bathroom, one in my purse, and one in my desk. That way I always have it on hand. So, what story do you want your hands to tell?


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