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Get Glossier

When it comes to skin, mine was awful until a few months ago. Somewhere during my junior year of high school my skin decided to unleash armageddon. I’m talking about acne like no other. While I got the breakouts under control around a year ago by visiting a dermatologist, it took finding the proper skincare routine to fix the scarring and uneven skin tone the years of clogged pores had wracked on my face.

That’s why it was such a miracle when I happened upon Glossier. Their products have completely repaired my skin. Best of all, they’ve done it without harsh chemicals. Now, instead of caking on the makeup to cover imperfections, I am perfectly comfortable going makeup free. Additionally, I get countless compliments about how stunning my skin looks, both in person and via FaceTime. Basically, Glossier has given me back my confidence in my appearance, which is why today’s post is a long one – and completely dedicated to their skincare.

Up first is the cleanser that has blown my mind. Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser is something completely different from any other cleanser I’ve ever tried. I’ve written a post on it before, but now that I’ve been using it exclusively for months I thought it was time to sing its praises once more. I use it on wet skin in the morning, and the subtle rose smell makes my morning shower feel ridiculously luxurious and dare I say French? In the evenings I use it on dry skin to remove all my makeup – it even gets the eyeliner that’s so difficult to reach. Best of all, it uses the same cleansing agent as contact solution so I can get it in my eye no problem, you literally don’t feel a thing!

The next step in my routine is their Soothing Face Mist. I’m a sucker for toners, but this one takes soothing to a whole new level. It’s packed with rosewater, which is great for evening skin tone. It smells like I’ve walked into a garden and always puts a smile on my face. The mist itself preps your skin to absorb active ingredients, and does a wonderful job. I’ll spritz three pumps before applying a topical acne medication, and I have never had clearer skin.

The last step of my routine before applying makeup is moisturizing. I apply Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer all over my face and neck. What’s great about this moisturizer is that it’s lightweight but packs a punch. It’s highly layerable, so I can use just a pea-sized amounts on days when my skin is oily, or apply a few layers on days when I need more hydration. This moisturizer is chock full of plant extracts and hyaluronic acid, which leave my face plump and tight. It even manages to reduce the appearance of my pores, which has been a struggle I’ve faced since high school. Makeup applies flawlessly over it and my skin is so soft all day long.

The last bit of Glossier’s skincare that I indulge in on a daily basis is their Balm Dot Com. I use it as a lip balm every night before bed and my lips have never felt better. It’s also great for cuticles, rough patches, the dry and sensitive area under your nose after you’ve had a bad cold, and can even be used to create a dewy-skinned makeup look. It’s completely unscented, which I personally love, but if you’re interested in some tropical flair they offer the same balm in Coconut. Hurry though, these sell out fast.

Want 20% off your first order? Use this link and splurge 😉

In all seriousness, this product line has worked wonders on my skin. I love how simple the routine is, and how basic all the products are without sacrificing quality. I think that too often we get caught up in applying the latest chemicals and technology to our face that we forget that sometimes basic, quality, time-tested ingredients can be the very best skincare. I’ve personally loved this more minimal approach to my skincare, and my skin seems to love it just as much. Now that’s a win, win.


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