Work Or Play?

When it comes to a home office, setting up the right type of environment is essential. As a professional graphic designer with a good bit of freelance work and a blogger I spend a lot of time at my desk. Whether it’s editing images, laying out a magazine, or writing this post, I find that it’s a lot easier to focus when I actually enjoy the space I’m inhabiting. That’s why I decided to restyle my work area. I posted the above image on instagram a few weeks ago, and it was so popular I thought y’all might enjoy learning the details of exactly how I created this setup.

First up is the technology. If you don’t have the right tools, your work won’t be worth engaging with. I am an apple girl, their products are the best on the market and totally worth the price. I have the 13″ MacBook Pro (it’s more powerful that the new 15″ versions for some unknown reason, and power counts when you’re juggling deadlines) and the 27″ Thunderbolt Display. I added a magic mouse, keyboard, and superdrive so that I can work all through the night without any glitch.

Now for the fun stuff. The two art prints are from Society6, which is one of my favorite sites for purchasing gorgeous art that’s amazing and also inexpensive. I chose these for the deep, soothing green leaves and grey background. Green is proven to be one of the most soothing colors and I wanted my workspace to be a sanctuary. That’s also why I selected a green desk lamp from PB Teen – they have great stuff for adults, not just teenagers. I also added a green bowl from Target to hold paperclips, and a white Anthropologie gift box (they have free gift wrapping) to serve as my computer stand and a place to store all of my additional electronics and cords. On the desk is a Sugar Paper calendar and planner. Additionally, there are two very important books. At the moment they serve as stands for my lamp, but I actually read them. They’re two of the most important financial advice books I have ever read – Financially Fearless and Financial Peace. They will teach you everything you need to know about managing your money – from investing in the stock market to setting up a monthly budget. Financial savvy is something every single person needs, so if you’d like to learn a bit more check these books out.

And that’s the rundown. Now, let me know how you’d style your dream office and leave a comment!


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