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Gimme Brow

Power brows are in. From Cara Delevingne to Audrey Hepburn, some of the most iconic women past and present are know for having some fierce brow game. So how can you replicate the looking without ending up with caterpillars crawling on your face? By using a specialized brow gel of course!

Now, there are many product options out there, but one of my favorite go-tos is Benefit’s Gimme Brow. It’s a volumizing fiber gel, which means it actually adds brows to your face (figuratively speaking of course, they do wash off after all)! While most brow gels are great at thickening existing hair, this water resistant formula adheres to BOTH brows and skin allowing you to actually create a thicker brow that still looks natural. Sounds great, right?

So, how do you use this fabulous wand? I’m glad you asked. Simply apply in short strokes through your current brows, then blend with a brow brush – I like this one from e.l.f. – and repeat until you reach the desired level of ferocity. Then go ahead and enjoy the fabulous frame you’ve just created for your smize ;). Channel your inner Tyra Banks and take a selfie to share your power brow game with the world.


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