Relax & Renew

Normally I’m a big proponent of the old adage you get what you pay for. However, every so often a product comes along that makes me realize that there are some truly good values out there. I first came across Garnier’s Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller in college. At the time, eye serums that were applied using cooling metal roller balls were all the rage. I couldn’t afford the big name brands, so I stopped by the local Target and picked up Garnier’s version. Since then, I’ve tried quite a few pricier formulas, but nothing has been quite up to par.

This little green tube of awesomeness lives up to its name. It’s incredibly cooling, which helps wake you up in the best possible way. Also, it kicked my dark circles to the curb and the caffeine and mint makes my under eye area tingle delightfully. If you’re in need of a delightful experience at an equally delightful price tag, this is the eye product for you.


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