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Power Point

When it comes to eyeliner I’m picky. And that’s an understatement. My eyes are extremely sensitive, but they never feel quite “done” without a rim of black or brown (or blue, white, or green if I’m feeling adventurous) to make them pop. I personally am a fan of tightlining for everyday and if I’m doing an evening smokey eye I’ll want to line my waterline as well. With liner going that close to my actual eye it’s important to chose one that’s waterproof, long wearing, and free of irritating ingredients.

My go-to liner for these borderline dangerous situations is Mac’s Powerpoint Eye Pencil. I first discovered these during my “emo phase” (gasp! I know, it’s embarrassing, but we all went through one) in high school. At the time I would pile on as much black eyeliner as possible in order to look strong, mysterious, and illusive. While my style has definitely evolved (thank God!), this eyeliner has remained steadfastly in my makeup kit. It’s by far the softest, most easily applicable, and highly pigmented liner around. Plus it never irritates my eyes. The texture is similar to Rimmel’s Scandaleyes that I’m also fond of, but this one manages to stay on my waterline just a bit longer. It comes in metallic, shimmer, and matte finishes, but I stick to the matte because the others can be a bit irritating after a long night out dancing. My favorite shade is Engraved, but I’m also particularly fond of Stubborn Brown because it’s the darkest brown I’ve ever found – it’s a blue brown so you don’t have to worry about it turning orange/red on you.

Overall, if you’re looking for an on-point liner that stays in place and enhances your smize, this one should be your go-to.


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