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When it comes to accessories, there’s one that most women tend to forget. The hat is a 3rd piece that can elevate any outfit from drab to fab. There are a lot of women who are afraid of hats. Yes, they’re big, attention grabbing, and slightly ostentatious – but with the right amount of confidence anyone can pull them off.

If you’re like me, you’ve been wanting to try the style for a while. You’ve been envious of the girls who wear hats like they’re no big deal. You’re intimidated because you don’t know how to wear them or when to take them off. That’s why I’m giving you the rundown of things you’re wanting to know, but are too afraid to ask. Ladies, it’s time to pay attention!

  • Fashion hats (like fedoras, floppy hats, and berets) can be worn inside, unless you’re blocking someone’s view or at work.
  • Baseball caps, beanies, and sunhats should be removed indoors, at meals, in public buildings (courthouses, schools, etc.), in restaurants, and when the national anthem plays or the flag passes
  • You should never wear hats (with the exception of beanies) at night

So now you’re prepared and ready to go! Check out some of my favorite choices here, here, and here.


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