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No Frizz

My hair texture is difficult. It’s not wavy, curly, or straight. It falls somewhere in the middle of all of those. It’s been more colors than I can count, and I’m currently in the process of growing out a long bob that was intensely highlighted. All that is to say it’s straight because I use a flatiron every morning, is highly damaged and more or less ombre, and difficult to control. If I just let it be, I end up looking like a renegade mouse that is a bit of a hot mess. Clearly, that won’t do.

I’ve searched high and low for the right products to tame my mane. Some work great but are way too expensive (like this Kerastase duo) and others just don’t give me the results I’m looking for. Shampoos for damaged hair make mine too soft, leaving it hard to control when I’m attempting up-dos. Moisturizing shampoos work a bit better, but leave me greasy at the end of the day. The best shampoo I’ve ever used was Bed Head’s Superstar, but it unfortunately has been discontinued. So, I was in a bit of a bind when it came time to buy a new set of shampoo and conditioner.

I decided to turn to Living Proof, mainly because Jennifer Aniston seems to have similar hair to me. I really enjoyed her PHD line, but thought I’d give another a try since my hair tends to get really dry in summer and I wanted something more specialized. That’s why I selected her No Frizz line. I purchased the shampoo and conditioner from my local Ulta and headed home to suds up. I was a bit hesitant (meaning terrified) to see the results. Typically I associate anti-frizz products with really curly hair, not my somewhat wavy mess. I don’t really have an issue with frizz per say, but I do get staticky like there’s no tomorrow. All of this is to say, I really didn’t want my hair to end up an oily mess.

Much to my surprise this set worked like a dream. My hair stayed both sleek AND clean for a full two days – which is unheard of for me. It even withstood the start of summer humidity that has recently been pervading Charleston’s atmosphere. It even helped repair the damage caused by bleach and hot tools, leaving me with sleek, silky, and manageable strands that even Ms. Aniston would envy. Looks like I found a winner!

What are your struggles with your hair? Are there any questions about hair care or products that you’re hoping I can answer? Leave a comment to let me know!


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