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Dress Your Dresser

Browse through the Home Decor page on Pinterest and you’ll see there are about a million ways to style a dresser. If you’re like me, every single one of them looked better than mine did when I first moved into my apartment. However, when I finally set about the task of turning my bedroom into a sanctuary I decided I was going to master the art of styling the dresser. I had a simple white Hemnes 6-Drawer Chest from Ikea that I was determined to make look good. So I started developing a Pinterest board of all my favorite dresser inspiration, and set to work.

The first thing I did was to spraypaint the drawer pulls. My bedroom has a white, teal, and copper color scheme so I went with a copper spray paint that I picked up at Hobby Lobby. Then, I decided to choose two other pieces of copper to place on the top of the dresser. I found the candle holder at Target, and the perfume stand is actually a mirror from Hobby Lobby. I added a small table lamp for good measure and two art prints from Minted. If you haven’t checked out Minted yet, they’re a great site for affordable, limited edition art prints from up and coming young artists. The curtains are from Pottery Barn.

Now, if I had just lined these items up on top of the dresser it would be functional, but not particularly pretty. The key to dresser top styling is grouping and variation in height. I created two groups. One with all my perfume bottles that I placed on the mirror – I tried to put the tallest bottles in the back so that I could see my entire collection easily.

2016-04-26 18.03.20.jpg

The other group contains the lamp and candle. However, when it was all sitting directly on the dresser top there wasn’t a whole lot of variation in height. So I pulled some books off my bookshelf and removed their dust jackets so that the cloth binding showed on them all. I tried to choose ones whose cover colors went with the room. By stacking these on top of each other I was able to create a stand for the lamp. I also moved a single bottle of perfume over to the left-hand grouping in order to further accentuate the differences in heights.

2016-04-26 18.02.55.jpg

The end result is that the eye travels from the corner of the room, down towards the perfume, and out into the space of the bedroom. This makes my room feel larger, and keeps me from realizing that I live in a teeny tiny apartment. Overall, I am very happy with the results of my little styling session, and am excited to start styling other areas of my apartment soon.

Have you ever styled a dresser before? What was your biggest struggle during the process? Is there anything else you’d like to learn about my process? Let me know by leaving a comment.


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