It’s Pur

When it comes to mineral makeup, there are only a few brands I actually like. When it comes to mineral foundation, I only use Pur Minerals. They’re one of the few mineral makeup companies that I actually trust, partially because they’re 100% cruelty free, never test on animals, and have a farm to jar program that ensures they use ethically sourced ingredients. Most of their products are made in the USA, and this eco-friendly brand is committed to minimizing waste.

I’ve also never had a reaction to any of their products. Other mineral makeup brands have caused me to break out, or worse. One particular company’s formula actually caused the skin to start peeling off my eyelids, which was every bit as painful as it sounds. Pur Minerals has done the opposite, it’s made my skin better. In just a week of using their products my rosacea was gone along with all other signs of irritation that are just too common for my sensitive skin.

Their most recognizable (and my favorite) product is their 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation. Loaded with skincare ingredients like waltheria extract and ceretin, this foudation has been clinically proven to correct, prevent, and interrupt your biggest skin concerns – from acne to aging. It comes in 11 different shades – I use porcelain or light depending on the time of year – and covers like a dream. It combines the power of foundation, concealer, powder, and sunscreen into one natural-finish formula. I literally cannot sing its praises loudly enough. Simply buff into face using a fluffy brush, and layer for additional coverage if needed. It’s really that easy.


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