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Calm Yourself

Rituals are an important part of life. If you’re as prone to anxiety as I am, calming rituals play an especially vital role in your wellbeing. I find I function best and am happiest when I’ve integrated certain rituals into my daily life. One of these things is a nightly bubble bath. When I first started adding a bath to my evening routine it felt decadent. I kept having to remind myself that it wasn’t a waste of time (especially if I only spent half an hour soaking) and that I deserved s bit of pampering every day.

Now, I find myself looking forward to my evening bath time. I’ll turn my phone on silent, clean up everything around the house and run the water, adding a bit of scent or bubbles to the water. One of my favorite bath products to add is Honest Company’s Ultra Calming Lavender Bubble Bath. The subtle scent calms me after a long day at work, and I’ve noticed myself sleeping better since I began using it. Plus, the organic ingredients don’t irritate my skin so that I am comfortable all night long. I’ll pour a little into the bath, turn on the Spa Sounds playlist on Spotify and let my troubles drift away for half an hour before I head to bed. It’s the best way to end my day.

What are your favorite evening rituals? Leave me a comment to let me know!


2 thoughts on “Calm Yourself

  1. Lavenders and baths were just made for each other! Wow serious bathing going on here!!! Also lavender in candles is just amazing!!! I love Lush bath products because it’s so great getting out of a bath with nice moisturised skin! Also there products are really cute and fun ☺😊xox


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