A Perfect Fit

Two weeks ago I shared one of my favorite eyeshadow essentials with you. If you missed that post, take a minute to check it out here. Today I’m going to share a very similar product that features just a few key differences. You can never have too much of an essential after all.

Pur Mineral’s Perfect Fit Eyeshadow Trio is a must-have palette featuring three shades of shimmery smooth shadows. With five different varieties you can create a plethora of different looks ranging from natural to bold, and the small size makes them perfect to pop into a makeup bag while you’re packing for a quick getaway. Here’s the rundown of the different color options:

Classic Beauty. This palette, which is pictured above, is your go to for everyday girl-next-door beauty. It’s subtle brown tones look great on any skintone and pair well with every eye color.

Jetsetter. This is my personal favorite.. It’s bronze and gold tones are perfect for blue eyed gals who really want their eyes to pop.

Bohemian Bombshell. If you’re looking for a look that will really pop, and is a bit out there this one is for you. The green accent color in this palette makes it a bold and vibrant choice that’s great for redheads and brown eyed beauties everywhere.

Little Miss Perfect. If you’re looking for a romantic look, this one’s for you. The rose hues of this palette are perfect for an angelic look, and are especially flattering on grey eyes.

Wild Child. Like the name suggests, this palette is for the bold girls out there. If you’re wanting something that will really draw attention, a purple lid is the way to go – especially if you have hazel or green eyes. Just be prepared for people to be unable to look away.

Rock Goddess. Everyone should have a go to palette for a smokey eye look. This one fits the bill perfectly and works for every skin tone and eye color.


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