New Kid On The Block

When it comes to beauty, certain brands arrive on the scene with such force that overnight their name is everywhere. These brands all have amazing products, wonderful packaging, and a certain aura of excitement and mystery that follow them around. When all of these things combine you’ll see a cult/niche brand blow up in a big way.

About a month ago Milk started blowing up in just this way. First, there was the high concept, low maintenance vibe of the brand. Quickly following was a spot on Sephora’s shelf that catapulted the product line into the lap of every beauty junky around. Their modern packaging and creative edge only helped propel the brand further along, creating a rabid fan base that can be seen in pretty much every major city today.

I was lucky enough to jump on this bandwagon early, and discovered what may be one of my favorite products yet – their Micellar Gel Makeup Remover. This unique formula works wonders when it comes to removing makeup. One swipe with a cotton pad, and you’re done. The gel formula keeps the product from seeping into your eyes like other micellar waters, and the light green-tea scent is relaxing and amazingly enjoyable. My only gripe is that the pump system is a bit hard to use. While it’s designed to dispense just the right amount of product (it’s the same type of pump that BeautyBlender uses on their Liquid BlenderCleanser), I felt like it wasn’t quite enough to remove all my eye makeup and it got a bit messy after a few pumps. However, the oil free formula, effectiveness of the product, and understated coolness of the packaging were enough to keep this on my shelf for quite a while. This is definitely a brand worth exploring, as I have a feeling their delivery is only going to improve with time.


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