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The Doctor Is In

I’m obsessed with bar soap. I love the way it looks in a soap dish, the way it lathers, and how easy it is to use. My ultimate favorite bar soaps are the ones I can use in lieu of body wash and/or shaving cream while I’m in the shower. I’m talking sudsy, moisturizing, and delicious smelling here! That’s why my favorite shower soap is Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Pure-Castile Bar Soap. Not only does it lather up thick enough to give me an incredibly smooth shave, but the tingling peppermint oil clears my sinuses and wakes me up every morning. Made with certified fair trade ingredients and organic hemp oil, this bar is biodegradable and vegan, meaning I can feel just as good about buying it as I do when using it!

What’s your favorite bar soap? Leave a comment and let me know what soap I should try next!


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