Shea- Butterfingers!

Don’t you love my pun-y titles? 😉

Today’s post is going to be a quick one since this week is crazy busy. I’ve been juggling work, my best friend’s birthday, and planning an upcoming trip so my apologies if this seems a bit rushed! I did want to get some content out to you today though!

You all know how much I love hand cream. It keeps me feeling feminine and in control, especially during busy times. Taking a minute to smooth some over your hands is just enough of a break from stressful work situations that I highly recommend everyone keep a tube in their desk drawer. My current favorite is one I found on Amazon of all places: IBI Shea Butter Ultra Hydrating Hand & Body Cream. It’s lightweight and perfect for summer, ultra moisturizing, and unscented so it won’t clash with your perfume. Throw one in your purse, keep one in your desk drawer, and stash a few around your house so you’re never caught with dry and scaly hands. You won’t regret it!


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