A Sanguine Summer

There’s something about summer that pushes me towards citrus fragrances. They’re fresh, clean, bright, and make me want to smile. That’s why I got over the top excited when I tried Atelier Cologne’s Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolue. It smells like a splash of sunshine. I first sampled this in the Play! by Sephora subscription box, and was instantly hooked.

With Atelier Cologne being dedicated to creating pure perfumes, using only the purest citrus oils in all of its concoctions I knew their take on this zesty fruit would be absolute perfection. With base notes of tonka bean sandalwood, and cedarwood it immediately checked the box in terms of being my kind of scent. But it’s in the top notes of blood orange, bitter orange, and red mandarin that makes this scent really shine through. It’s rounded out by a fantastic blend of geranium, jasmine, and black pepper for a surprisingly light spiciness that’s intensely intriguing without being suffocating. This energizing mix of fragrances combines to create a perfume that reminds me of mimosas at sunny brunches, trips to the beach, and cliffside escapades. You just can’t help but smile.


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