Blackberry & Bay

I have long been in love with Jo Malone. I first fell for their packaging, which I came across while doing research for a design project in college. The elegant balance of masculine and feminine found in their cream base tone with black edging and copperplate typography made the designer in me cry out with joy. When it came time to experience their products a few years later, I fell in love again – this time with their fragrances. Their scents were refined and elegant, but also accompanied by a playful abandonment that was irresistible.

jo malone packaging

However, their prices were far too high for me to casually purchase a bottle of their signature Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne that had me so enamored. So, imagine my excitement when the elegantly wrapped bars of soap sitting on the edge of the sales counter caught my eye. At only $20 a pop they were definitely within my spending budget. I left the store with a cream and black gift bag, the Blackberry & Bay Bath Soap, and a smile. When I next showered, I became even more enchanted with the rich lather of the soap and the fresh and verdant scent that reminded me of the bike rides I’d take in California summers as a child. It was quite an experience, and one I highly recommend at that.

jo malone bath bar


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