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Are you ready to play?

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I recently was taken off the waitlist for Sephora's monthly subscription box. Play! by Sephora consists of 5 sample sized products sent monthly along with a fragrance bonus and a cosmetic bag. Oh, and it's only $10/month. I have to say that other boxes have fallen… Continue reading Are you ready to play?

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Let's talk about brand loyalty. There's a lot out there about whether sticking to one brand of skincare or makeup products is beneficial, or if it's a marketing ploy aimed at getting you to spend more money. I think the truth falls somewhere in between. Yes, there's a benefit to knowing that a range of… Continue reading Stowaway

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Icy White

One of my favorite makeup looks to wear is a bold, bright red lip. It makes me feel beautiful, confident, and bold. There is only one thing that can ruin the look – yellow teeth. That's why I brush twice a day with the Roles Royce of whitening toothpastes. Marvis's Whitening Mint Toothpaste is creamy, minty… Continue reading Icy White

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Almost Lipstick

With summer months comes heat, humidity, and all the sticky glory that accompanies it. The change in weather is, for me, accompanied by a change in makeup. I like to lighten things up in summer. This means tinted moisturizers instead of foundations, cream instead of powder blushes, and lip tints instead of heavy cream lipsticks. So,… Continue reading Almost Lipstick

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A Balm I Borrowed From the Boys

I'm no stranger to borrowing from the boys. There was that time I discovered that men's razors work better for shaving my legs than the women's ones (read about it here.) Then there was that time I realized that one particular men's aftershave product will get rid of bumps around my bikini line (this post… Continue reading A Balm I Borrowed From the Boys

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Glam It Up

When it comes to iconic beauty brands, Lancôme makes the top of the list. Founded in 1935, it has been synonymous with French elegance in everything from fragrance to lipstick. Their packaging is gorgeous and the products are even better. Today I'm going to be sharing my very favorite pieces of their product line, all of which… Continue reading Glam It Up

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Prep Your Pout

Spring and summer are full of bright lips of all types. We're talking matte, glossy, stained, and satin here. The important thing is the foundation. Even the best lipsticks can look terrible if your lips aren't in the best possible condition. That's where Fresh's intensive treatments come into play. Step 1, Scrub. Their Sugar Lip… Continue reading Prep Your Pout