It’s Time for a Change

Hello lovelies! Today’s post is going to be a bit different. I’ve got a majorly exciting announcement to make, and I hope you’re willing to take a break from daily beauty reviews in order to learn more about what’s been going on behind the scenes here at Authentic Stereotypes.

First things first: I want to take a minute to say a HUGE Thank You to all of my readers. When I first started this blog 6 months ago I had no idea just how wonderful all of you would turn out to be. Things have taken off very quickly around here (I now have over 900 followers – WHAT?!) and it’s taken me some time to really and truly appreciate what that means. Y’all are my number one priority, and it’s become apparent that I need to make a few changes in order to be able to continue to provide you with the very best content I can. That’s why today I’m announcing that Authentic Stereotypes is moving to a new home…

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Now, I know this is a big change and that there is a good amount of risk involved. I know some of you won’t want to check out the new site and that there’s a chance I could lose a lot of my followers, which is why I want to take a few more minutes of your time to explain why I am making this change. Here are a few reasons

  1. does not allow me to post sponsored content or really do anything else that could lead to my making money. While I’m do not run this blog for-profit (I have a full time job as a Designer, thank you) things have gotten tight in my budget since starting Authentic Stereotypes, and it recently became clear that I’d need a bit more flexibility in terms of partnering with brands if I wanted to continue to offer you top-tier content.
  2. Posting product reviews is great, but there’s more out there that we are all interested in. I will continue to review products, same as always, but I’ve wanted to branch out into other areas such as fashion, lifestyle, and fitness/wellness. I was beginning to feel a bit stuck creatively and I think that the transition to a new site will help me feel inspired to branch out into these other areas of interest.
  3. I wanted more control over the aesthetic and brand of Authentic Stereotypes. You already know that I am a graphic designer, so I’m hoping you’ll understand when I say that working with a free WordPress account was very limiting in terms of having control over the design of my site. It was a great starting place, but it’s time to grow and expand.

I could go into more detail, but I’d hate to bore you with the nitty-gritty. What I can promise is that you can continue to expect quality daily content from Authentic Stereotypes, and that I’ll still be the one running the show :). This move to a paid domain and new platform is intended to enhance my content in a way that I truly believe in, and that I hope you will appreciate and enjoy. So take a minute to browse around the new site (all your favorite content has already been moved over) and see what you think. Here’s the link one more time:


Authentic Stereotypes

Thank you all!

– Stefani


Blonde Rose

The right name can draw you in. That’s what happened to me at least when I first heard the term Blonde Rose. It immediately conjured up images of Blake Lively, California beaches, and cool summer breezes, which is exactly what Clean’s Reserve Blonde Rose perfume smells like. This scent manages to be sophisticated and feminine without being overwhelmingly floral. Honestly, it’s one of two floral fragrances I wear. With notes of rose, peony, jasmine, cedarwood, sandalwood, and musk this is a bright, light, and soft scent that’s perfect for summer. It’s classic but modern, feminine but edgy, and sexy but soft. It’s the perfect contradiction. And the packaging is so beautiful in its understated simplicity that it’s earned itself its own shelf in my bedroom instead of being crowded in with all my other fragrances.

Zum Bar

When I first heard the name Zum Bar, I wondered if it was a new type of exercise craze. (If it was Zumba mixed with Pure Barre I was so in!) But when I discovered it was actually a type of soap I became intrigued. One of my friends told me about the brand and she raved that it was the best smelling, richest-lathering, overall best bar soap she had ever encountered. So, I bopped over to my local grocery store and picked out a bar to try.

With a price tag that’s under $6, these all-natural goat’s milk soaps are a steal. I selected their Sea Salt variety, which contains Saponified 100% food grade olive, coconut, palm & castor oils, pure essential oils, sea salt, and mineral pigments. The scent was a perfect beachy mix of salts and something sea-like that made me happy to wake up every morning. There is literally nothing more you could want in a soap.

The Mask Set You Need For Radiant Skin

I’m a fan of single serving face masks. They’re great to throw in your bag while traveling, can be selected based on how your skin is behaving at any specific moment, are inexpensive, and make a great addition to any girls night in. Recently I’ve been into sheet masks, which is why I added the Sephora Collection Face Mask in Pearl and their Pearl Eye Mask to my cart when I placed my last online order. The face mask is designed to brighten up your complexion with natural-origin pearl, while the eye mask uses the same key ingredients to minimize irregularities in the eye area and illuminates the skin for eyes that appear more uniform, radiant, and fresh. The smell is a bit funky and the texture was so oily that I got really nervous, but the results were good. Also, the refreshing cooling sensation was a welcome de-stressor after a long day at work.

Touche Eclat

Did you know that one tube of Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat Highlighter is sold every 10 seconds? Yes, it’s that good. If you’re looking for a concealer that will cover everything from dark circles to blemishes, or a luminizing highlighter that’s perfect for strobing this should be your go-to. The little gold pen is a standard in every makeup artist’s kit for a reason. It melds with your skin making you look naturally perfect and well rested. Seriously, this thing is better than 8 hours of sleep (almost, ha!) for keeping you fresh faced and fancy free. I personally wear shade 2 Luminous Ivory, and tote this pen around for on the go touch ups. You simply push the black button on the bottom to release the product into the brush and swipe it on to whatever area you want to cover or highlight. Then all you have to do is lightly blend with your fingertips and you’re good to go. It’s seriously a must have.

Mascara Tips & Tricks

Mascara may well be the single most important beauty product out there. It can take you from asleep to awake and alert in two swipes. It’s an instant beauty fix and can solve so many beauty woes. It can however also be tricky, which is why I have a few tips to share with you today.

  • Don’t buy full sized. Technically you should replace your mascara every three months. It can become a breeding ground for mascara that can cause you to end up with all sorts of icky eye infections. However, full-sized tubes have enough product to last YEARS. It’s a waste of money, and potentially dangerous. Instead, I stock up on travel sized tubes. They’re often offered as gift with purchase options or fee samples. If you do happen to have to buy one, they’re usually less than $8, which makes parting with them in 90 days far less difficult.
  • Don’t pump! Pumping your mascara can lead to air build up, causing the product to dry out faster. This not only makes your product expire faster, but can also contribute to flakes that can be both irritating to the eye and unpleasant to look at. Instead, remove the wand while scraping against the side of the tube if you’re wanting more product on the applicator. Or just apply a second coat.
  • Apply your final coat on the outer third of your lashes. This gives your lashes a gorgeous arc shape that mimics falsies.
  • Use a fan brush. If you’re like me applying mascara to your lower lashes is a pain. Make it easier by using a small fan brush to apply the formula to your lashes. Simply slather the wand against the back of your hand until you have enough product to dip the brush in and go. Just remember to work quickly since most mascaras dry in 30 or so seconds. You can even use this technique to use mascara as eyeliner – if it’s a waterproof formula it won’t go ANYWHERE!
  • Use a wire comb to de-clump. If you’re using a formula that tends to clump this is the tool you need. It’s easy to use and a much better option than that safety pin you’ve been using. Try this one from Tweezerman.
  • Find a go-to formula. Here are my pictured recommendations – Stowaway Extreme Lash, Stowaway Defined Lash, Lancome Hypnose Drama, Chanel Le Volume De Chanel.

Have any more tips or tricks for mascara? Leave me a comment by clicking the link at the top of this post or filling in the comment box below!

Shaving Your Face Is A Thing…Seriously.

I think the title pretty much says it all. When I first heard that women were shaving their faces, I freaked out a bit. By a bit I mean completely. WTF?! Why would someone do this? Wouldn’t that make the hair grow thicker? Isn’t this a terrible idea?!

Then I tried it. And it changed everything.

Now, I do NOT shave my entire face by any means. The only areas I shave are between my eyebrows and around my mouth where I had long blonde hairs that really bothered me. This is also not something I do every day, but only every 6 months or so. Finally, I do not use a normal razor, but instead opt for the Tinkle Eyebrow Shapers.


When it comes to HOW to do this I could sit here and attempt to explain it but think the better option is to direct you to the video I found that taught me. Here Carli Bybel will break down exactly what all this is about. You should also check out her channel and blog when you have a chance, she has a lot of great tips and tricks!

Have you ever shaved your face? What was your experience? Click on the comments link at the top of this post or fill in the box below and let me know!