Hidden Corrections

If you’ve been browsing beauty blogs for as long a I have you’ll notice there’s one concealer that everyone and their mother is always talking about. It’s Clé de Peau, and it costs an arm and a leg. I won’t be talking about it today.

Instead I wanted to share with you my poor-woman’s dupe, which I think is absolutely fabulous! Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer is creamy, moisturizing, and has incredible staying power. I swipe it on and pat into my skin to blend, and it lasts through my entire day.

It covers EVERYTHING including under eye circles, acne, rosacea, and even redness caused by a cold (‘tis the season). The stick formula travels well, and lasts a LONG time. It’s especially good for those of us with oily skin, because it’s matte enough that I don’t get shiny, and creamy enough to look totally natural. Basically, it’s fabulous!

Is there another concealer you prefer? Have you found a different Clé de Peau dupe? Or do you think the original is worth the price tag? Let me know in the comments!


First Impressions – Herbivore Botanicals

As a packaging designer I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, doing research. One of the brands I kept coming across was Herbivore Botanicals. At first I thought they were just a packaging concept, but imagine my delight when I discovered they were an actual company making cosmetics out of Seattle.

Founded in 2011 the company focuses on making high quality, natural, sensorial beauty products. From skincare to salt sprays every product has been carefully formulated and beautifully packaged.

Now, a lot of natural beauty brands don’t work for me. I have very sensitive skin, which breaks out with certain natural ingredients. Oils make me break out, and Witch Hazel makes my skin crack and peel. I really wanted to try Herbivore out though so I researched their ingredients and decided to purchase their Soap Trio.

2015-11-16 12.11.52.jpg

I have very oily skin for most of the year but it gets extremely dry in winter. I thought the trio would be a great way for me to get a taste of what Herbivore had to offer, while also allowing me to transition through the seasons. I also really like using bar cleansers, so their formula seemed perfect!

My package arrived in the mail a few days later and I was so enthralled by the packaging and all the little details. The clay-based soaps were amazingly pretty, and I ended up using them as face and body wash! I’ll be breaking down full reviews of each of the soaps in future posts, but today I wanted to focus on my first impressions.


Bamboo Charcoal: This soap is actually black! We’re talking dark, scary, midnight black. I love products that contain charcoal, especially when I’m on the verge of breaking out. You could tell by the smell (very straightforward, but not overpowering) that this had a lot of charcoal in it. There was also a slight grit to the bar which I felt would help in terms of gentle exfoliation. Meant to detoxify oilier, acne prone skin type I have to say that this has become my go to cleanser for those times when I break out. It definitely delivers on its promises.


Pink Clay: At the opposite end of the spectrum, Pink Clay is a gentle hydrating cleanser for sensitive skin. The bar itself is a smooth peachy-pink, and smells like France. (Or what I imagine a picturesque country landscape in France would smell like.) I first used this when I was recovering from an allergic reaction that had blistered the bottom half of my face. It was indeed gentle and soothing and has become my go-to for when I’m recovering from sensitivity issues. Out of all the bars, this was my favorite.


Blue Clay: Blue Clay was actually slightly green, with flecks of dark brown and black. It smelled like a beach vacation, and is intended to balance and clarify combination skin types. I found that it left my skin pleasantly nourished, with significantly less shine in my oilier areas. A fantastic everyday cleanser, I felt like I was at a European spa every time I used it. The only downside is that some of the exfoliating particles could be a bit sharp – but I suppose that’s what you should expect when using a natural product. I probably won’t buy this again, but it did deliver on what it promised.

Overall I was quite impressed with Herbivore. I will definitely be making additional purchases, so look out for future posts! Right now I have my eye on their Brighten Pineapple Enzyme + Gemstone Instant Glow Mask. Let me know if there are any more Herbivore products you think I’d enjoy, or if you’d like any specific reviews. And don’t forget to check back for more detailed reviews of each cleanser! I’ll add the links here once they’re published!


Are you constantly on the go? Jet setting? Road tripping? Driving from the gym to work? Regardless of how far or fast you’re traveling, one thing that you should never have to sacrifice is your look. Urban Decay’s Naked On the Run palette ensures that no matter how rushed you are, you’ll still look on point. Containing eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, highlighter, eyeliner, and mascara, the palette gives you all the essentials for creating a gorgeous look on the run. All you have to provide is foundation (if you use it) and a few brushes.

2015-12-30 16.30.43

Here’s a breakdown of all the color details. Boy, are they gorge!

Eyeshadows: Dive – metallic shimmery golden blush, Fix – matte taupe, Resist – metallic grey-brown, Dare – matte brown, Stun – bronze shimmery metallic

Highlighter (also can be used as an eyeshadow): 5050 satin peach-toned cream

Bronzer: matte medium golden bronze

Blush: bright hot pink

Eyeliner: Stag – deep purply brown

Mascara: Perversion – blackest black

Lipgloss: Sesso – wine-nude rose pink with subtle shimmery shine

The container itself is also extremely stylish and durable. I’m never worried about it popping open in my gym bag, or breaking. Just one less thing to stress about!


Take a look at my favorite look created On the Run 😉 this one’s great for a casual night out. (Even if I can’t keep a straight face hehe)


Iconic Insolence

When you think of an iconic woman she has a certain air about her. She’s ever so slightly haughty and completely comfortable with herself. Am I right? She’s sensuous, slightly wild, and quite audacious. Some might even call her insolent.

This is the aura created by the first perfume I ever fell in love with. First represented by Hillary Swank, Guerlain’s Insolence is a masterpiece. A bold and unapologetic violet (the only floral scent I like in perfumes) dances tantalizingly with chocolate, iris, and berries. Insolence marks the first time that the powerhouse perfumer included fruits in its assortment, and it is quite a success.

Plus, every single time I wear it out all the guys comment on how good I smell. Nothing gets better than that 😉

Save the Date

Making a list and checking it twice is more than just a Christmas tune. It’s part of my daily life. In fact, a more accurate description would be making 80,000,000,000 lists and checking that everything is also written in my planner. Yes, I have a touch of OCD. No, I don’t want that to change.

Anyways, given this habit it would follow that I have a penchant for planners. Every year I go on a hunt for the most beautiful, functional planner possible. This year I think I came pretty darn close to finding perfection. The Julia Kostreva Notebooks are planners that check off every requirement on my list. They’re beautifully designed with great typefaces and gold foil details. They’re undated, so you can start them when you want and don’t have to use them when you’re on vacation. They have sections for notes, daily schedules, annual checklists, yearly and monthly calendars, and annual goals. There’s even a section for Movies to Watch and Books to Read (both of mine are already pretty much full.) Julia has thought of literally everything.

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So I mentioned this product in a previous post, but thought it was time for an in-depth review. I’m very good about keeping my brushes and other tools clean, but I noticed that my usual brush cleansing routine wasn’t getting all the makeup out of my BeautyBlender. I was really worried about this because I have such a problem with acne that I have to be very careful about using clean instruments to apply my makeup. (If I skip a week of brush cleaning my face turns into a disaster zone. ) Luckily, I had a VIB Rouge reward code for a free deluxe sample of the Liquid BlenderCleanser. So I added it to my shopping cart and waited for it to arrive.

When my order showed up three days later I was surprised at just how small the sample size was. I mean, it was about half the size of a sharpie cap. I really thought that it would only last for one cleaning. Boy, was I wrong. It took only a flat dime size drop to clean EVERYTHING off of my BeautyBlender – and I mean EVERYTHING. I expected my makeup to stain the sponge slightly, as it had never fully come out when I washed it before. However, this time the sponge was WHITE again after rinsing the cleanser out. I have NO idea how it worked so well, but I’m glad it did. Obviously, I ordered the full size right away.

What do you use to clean your BeautyBlender? Have you found something better? Let me know in the comments!


I have high standards when it comes to top coats. My go to favorite for years has been Poshé Super Fast Drying Top Coat. It dries in less than 2 minutes and is high shine. However, Ulta recently stopped selling it.

I found myself in a pinch when I had a date and no top coat to keep my manicure looking fresh. Desperate for something that was likely to meet my expectations I picked up a bottle of Essie’s new Gel-Setter Top Coat from my local Target. I wasn’t expecting much, especially since OPI’s equivalent took forever to dry and was rather dull. But I needed something quickly.

Boy am I glad I bought this. While it doesn’t dry quite as fast as Poshé’s, it only takes 5 minutes at most. It is also even shinier than my old go-to, and lasts twice a long. Seriously, I don’t have to change my manicure for two weeks when I use this top coat. It’s just that good. Who else can say they make a product that stands up to my exacting standards? Nobody who’s readily available. Except Essie, that is.