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New Kid On The Block

When it comes to beauty, certain brands arrive on the scene with such force that overnight their name is everywhere. These brands all have amazing products, wonderful packaging, and a certain aura of excitement and mystery that follow them around. When all of these things combine you'll see a cult/niche brand blow up in a… Continue reading New Kid On The Block

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A Perfect Fit

Two weeks ago I shared one of my favorite eyeshadow essentials with you. If you missed that post, take a minute to check it out here. Today I'm going to share a very similar product that features just a few key differences. You can never have too much of an essential after all. Pur Mineral's… Continue reading A Perfect Fit

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Calm Yourself

Rituals are an important part of life. If you're as prone to anxiety as I am, calming rituals play an especially vital role in your wellbeing. I find I function best and am happiest when I've integrated certain rituals into my daily life. One of these things is a nightly bubble bath. When I first… Continue reading Calm Yourself

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A Pop of Peony

Spring is the time for shiny hair and rosy cheeks. It makes you look alert, youthful, and even angelic. It counteracts your winter pasty-ness, and is especially beautiful on us pale girls. So, if you're looking for a way to welcome springtime, look no further than Bobbi Brown's Powder Blush in Peony. It's the perfect… Continue reading A Pop of Peony

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My Everyday Jewelry Essentials

When I was in college I'd set my alarm to go off 15 minutes before class started, roll out of bed, throw on norts and an oversized tee (normally one that was a souvenir from a sorority or fraternity event), brush my teeth and slap on some eyeliner before walking – or driving if I… Continue reading My Everyday Jewelry Essentials

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A Strong Foundation

If you've met me in person or spent a few minutes scrolling through my instagram feed you'll realize I have a thing for nail polish. If you ever see me without a manicure, chances are something traumatic has happened recently. Part of my Sunday evening routine is to give myself a manicure – yes I… Continue reading A Strong Foundation

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It’s Pur

When it comes to mineral makeup, there are only a few brands I actually like. When it comes to mineral foundation, I only use Pur Minerals. They're one of the few mineral makeup companies that I actually trust, partially because they're 100% cruelty free, never test on animals, and have a farm to jar program… Continue reading It’s Pur