The Mask Set You Need For Radiant Skin

I’m a fan of single serving face masks. They’re great to throw in your bag while traveling, can be selected based on how your skin is behaving at any specific moment, are inexpensive, and make a great addition to any girls night in. Recently I’ve been into sheet masks, which is why I added the Sephora Collection Face Mask in Pearl and their Pearl Eye Mask to my cart when I placed my last online order. The face mask is designed to brighten up your complexion with natural-origin pearl, while the eye mask uses the same key ingredients to minimize irregularities in the eye area and illuminates the skin for eyes that appear more uniform, radiant, and fresh. The smell is a bit funky and the texture was so oily that I got really nervous, but the results were good. Also, the refreshing cooling sensation was a welcome de-stressor after a long day at work.


Shaving Your Face Is A Thing…Seriously.

I think the title pretty much says it all. When I first heard that women were shaving their faces, I freaked out a bit. By a bit I mean completely. WTF?! Why would someone do this? Wouldn’t that make the hair grow thicker? Isn’t this a terrible idea?!

Then I tried it. And it changed everything.

Now, I do NOT shave my entire face by any means. The only areas I shave are between my eyebrows and around my mouth where I had long blonde hairs that really bothered me. This is also not something I do every day, but only every 6 months or so. Finally, I do not use a normal razor, but instead opt for the Tinkle Eyebrow Shapers.


When it comes to HOW to do this I could sit here and attempt to explain it but think the better option is to direct you to the video I found that taught me. Here Carli Bybel will break down exactly what all this is about. You should also check out her channel and blog when you have a chance, she has a lot of great tips and tricks!

Have you ever shaved your face? What was your experience? Click on the comments link at the top of this post or fill in the box below and let me know!

Are you ready to play?

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I recently was taken off the waitlist for Sephora’s monthly subscription box. Play! by Sephora consists of 5 sample sized products sent monthly along with a fragrance bonus and a cosmetic bag. Oh, and it’s only $10/month.

2016-05-18 17.45.31

I have to say that other boxes have fallen short for me, but Play absolutely exceeded my expectations. Everything included was something I wanted to use, and they were all from brands I was interested in. The May 2016 box was their The Forces of Nature themed box, and included a gift card for 50 extra Beauty Insider Points, a free beauty consultation, and a booklet describing each of the products. They also emailed me a video that ran through all the products so that I knew exactly what I was getting myself into.

So now for the product rundown:

atelier cologne

Up first is Atelier Cologne’s Orange Sanguine perfume. I ended up purchasing this fragrance because it is so damn delicious. With a bursting mix of blood orange and geranium it deserves its own post, so I won’t say too much about it here other than IT’S AMAZING!


The one dud of a product was Tarte’s Tartiest Lip Crayon in Latergram. I REALLY REALLY wanted to like this lip pencil, as Tarte is one of my favorite brands. Unfortunately, I found that while the color and packaging were beautiful the formula needed some help. It was hard to apply and the crayon kept breaking. Overall this product – with Vitamin E and mineral pigments – was a great idea that unfortunately missed the mark when it came to execution.


There was however a lip product that excelled. Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Kimchi blew me away. With coconut and pomegranate oils this lipstick is every bit as moisturizing as it is bright. It’s a zinger of a pink that made me want to pucker up and take more than a few selfies. My favorite thing is that Bite Beauty uses food grade ingredients in all of its lipsticks, so I never have to worry about ingesting icky chemicals.


One product that I had been curious to try was Origins’ Maskimizer. This innovative priming mist helps to prep skin to absorb the intensive ingredients in face masks. Thankfully, Sephora included samples of my favorite Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask and the delicious smelling Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. I used these one after the other with the prep mist and my skin was left clear, soft and radiant.

korres facial

Another mask that was included in the mix is Korres’ Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial. I have been wanting to try Korres products for years now, but it’s only been recently that they’ve been back in stock as Sephora. Based in Athens, this brand partners with local farmers to make use of unique natural ingredients native to Greece. This soothing mask is applied after your normal evening skincare routine and then slept in overnight. Rose oil is one of the best ingredients for your skin, and the only oil I allow to touch my face. I definitely noticed happier skin the morning I woke up after using this and its mild scent gave me the sweetest dreams.


The final product of the bunch was Briogeo’s Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask. While this brand is most widely known for their co-washes, this treatment was one of the best conditioning masks I’ve ever used. It smells wonderful, and the combination of argan and avocado oils left my hair smooth, shiny, and bouncy – just the way I like it!


All in all I definitely recommend Play! by Sephora, and will keep you up to date on future boxes. I highly recommend you get on the wait list now if you’re interested in signing up. It took me a few months to be selected, but I’m sure glad I took the plunge.

Have any questions? Know of any other subscription boxes I should check out? Let me know by clicking on the comments link above and writing me a note!

The Doctor Is In

I’m obsessed with bar soap. I love the way it looks in a soap dish, the way it lathers, and how easy it is to use. My ultimate favorite bar soaps are the ones I can use in lieu of body wash and/or shaving cream while I’m in the shower. I’m talking sudsy, moisturizing, and delicious smelling here! That’s why my favorite shower soap is Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Pure-Castile Bar Soap. Not only does it lather up thick enough to give me an incredibly smooth shave, but the tingling peppermint oil clears my sinuses and wakes me up every morning. Made with certified fair trade ingredients and organic hemp oil, this bar is biodegradable and vegan, meaning I can feel just as good about buying it as I do when using it!

What’s your favorite bar soap? Leave a comment and let me know what soap I should try next!

Coastal Scents

At the start of this month I was in the market for a new set of makeup brushes. My EcoTools set has served me well, but it was time for an upgrade. I did my research and finally settled on this 22 piece set from Coastal Scents. It had every brush I needed, and came in the solid black color I wanted for my dressing table. Here’s the rundown of what’s included:

  • Large Fan (Synthetic),
  • Powder Buffer (Synthetic)
  • Round Powder (Synthetic)
  • Flat Buffer (Synthetic)
  • Angle Blush (Natural Hair)
  • Foundation (Natural Hair)
  • Concealer (Synthetic)
  • Large Shadow (Natural Hair)
  • Blender (Natural Hair)
  • Doe Foot Blender (Natural Hair)
  • Dome Shadow (Natural Hair)
  • Dome Blender(Natural Hair)
  • Medium Shadow (Natural Hair)
  • Detail Shadow (Natural Hair)
  • Lip (Natural Hair)
  • Detail Concealer (Synthetic)
  • Pointed Blender (Natural Hair)
  • Brow (Natural Hair)
  • Smudger Sponge (Rubber)
  • Large Liner / Brow (Synthetic)
  • Medium Liner / Brow (Synthetic)
  • Small Liner / Brow (Synthetic)

All of the brushes are super soft and lay down makeup smoothly and evenly. I think they may even be the best brushes I’ve ever known, and for the price the quality can’t be beat. Plus, they come in a wonderfully convenient roll up pouch, making them perfect for travel.

Tweeze, Don’t Shout

Ah, tweezers. The days I’d clean up my eyebrows used to be some of the most horrendous. I’d hate how painful and difficult it was to pull out every little stray hair. Hell, I’d go months without tweezing just because I didn’t want to deal with it. I dreaded it THAT much.

Thankfully, I’ve found a saving grace. Tweezerman’s Slant Tweezer has made painful plucking a thing of the past. Not only does it manage to grab the correct hair every single time, but somehow it manages to ease the pain of pulling that hair out. Also, I’ve kept mine in my bathroom for 6 years now and it hasn’t rusted. That wasn’t the case with past brands. The enamel colors also make the tweezers a fun, custom addition to your cabinet. Plus, if you ever notice that they’re not working as well as they used to (I haven’t had this happen yet) you can send them into Tweezerman and they’ll sharpen them for free! Seriously, it’s a lifetime purchase so don’t balk at the price.

Since purchasing my Tweezermans I’ve actually enjoyed my Thursday night eyebrow grooming sessions. Let me tell you, my brows are looking significantly better than before. So what are you waiting for? Go tame your brows today!


Finding quality makeup brushes at an affordable price is a challenge that every makeup loving girl must face at some point. If you’re like me, you’d also like all of your brushes to be the same brand so that you have a matched set to display. That’s why EcoTools’s Brush Collection is such a find. For my collection I purchased the Starter Set, the Sheer Finish Kabuki Brush, the Domed Bronzer Brush, the Custom Coverage Buffing Brush and the Eye Enhancing Duo Set. Overall I spent significantly less money for a very high quality product. I’ve found that these brushes have held up well over time. I’ve have them for over 5 years now and only a few have started shedding. They’re soft, lay down color beautifully, and are 100% cruelty free. They’re definitely my recommendation for a starter collection, and most women will find that they serve their needs perfectly through the years.

Are there any other brush sets that you’d recommend? Are you a fan of EcoTools? Leave me a comment to let me know!